What are blended Numbers?

A mixed number is a entirety number, and a proper fraction represented together. It usually represents a number between any type of two whole numbers.

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Look at the provided image, it to represent a fraction that is better than 1 yet less than 2. That is thus, a combined number.


Some other instances of combined numbers are


Parts of a combined number

A mixed number is developed by combining three parts: a whole number, a numerator, and a denominator. The numerator and also denominator are component of the proper portion that provides the mixed number.


Properties of blended numbers

It is partly a whole number.

It is partially a fraction.

Converting improper fountain to blended fractions.

Step 1: division the numerator by the denominator.

Step 2: write down the quotient as the totality number.

Step 3: compose down the remainder as the numerator and also the divisor as the denominator.

For example, us follow the given steps to convert 7/3 right into a mixed number form.

Step 1: divide 7 by 3


Step 2: create quotient, divisor and remainder in form as in step 2 and also step 3 above.


Adding mixed numbers

One can add mixed number by rearranging the entirety numbers, adding them individually and including the leftover fountain individually and also in the finish combing them all.

11⁄2+ 33⁄4

Adding the whole numbers separately and also the fractions separately.

For totality numbers:

1+3 = 4

For fractions: discover the LCM and then add


In the end, adding both the parts together.


Real life examples

We can inspect our expertise of combined fractions by expressing the components of a totality as mixed fractions while serving a pizza or a pie in ~ home. Leftover pizzas, half-filled glasses of milk form examples of blended fractions.


funny Facts

Mixed numbers are additionally called blended fractions.

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