An thing of rarely often rare shape has a characteristic length of together = 1 m and is maintained at a uniform surface ar temperature that Ts = 325 K. The is rely in one airstream the is in ~ atmospheric pressure (p = 1 atm) and has a velocity that V = 100 m/s and a temperature of T∞ = 275 K. The average heat flux indigenous the surface to the air is 12,000 W/m2. Introduce to the foregoing instance as situation 1, take into consideration the complying with cases and also determine whether problems are analogous come those of case 1. Each case involves an object of the very same shape, i m sorry is exposed in an airstream in the very same manner. Whereby analogous behavior does exist, recognize the corresponding value of the average convection coefficient.

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(a) The values of Ts, T∞, and also p continue to be the same, but L = 2 m and V = 50 m/s.

(b) The worths of T, and also Too remain the same, but L = 2 m, V = 50 m/s, and also p = 0.2 atm.

(c) The surface ar is coated through a fluid film the evaporates into the air. The whole system is at 300 K, and the diffusion coefficient for the air-vapor mixture is DAB = 1.12 x 10-4 m2/s. Also, l = 2 m, V = 50 m/s, and also p = i atm.

(d) The surface is coated with one more liquid film for which DAB = 1.12 x 10-4 m2/s. And the device is at 300 K. In this instance L = 2 m, V = 250 m/s, and p = 0.2 atm.

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