The niece of former 19 Kids and also Counting stars Jim Bob Duggar and also Michelle Duggar wed Dillon King top top Sept. 6

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Amy Duggar wore a princess round gown at her wedding and also was joined by numerous of her household members and former 19 Kids and also Counting co-stars, consisting of her well known aunt and also uncle Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar, many of your kids and their daughter-in-law Anna Duggar, who arrived there is no husband mockery Duggar.

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Amy, 28, wed Dillon King, also 28, in a rustic awareness on the grounds of Horton farms near Bentonville, Arkansas on Sunday afternoon. Part 400 people attended the wedding and the bride's father artist Terry Jordan, go her down the aisle to "I Can't assist Falling in Love through You," Entertainment Tonight reported.

Amy wore a strapless, white princess-style satin wedding dress with a sweetheart neckline, complete skirt, a lengthy train and a shimmering belt—a sexy format that would likely never be watched on members of her ultra-conservative Christian family. She combine the look v a cathedral-length veil. Her dress was designed by Essense the Australia, People reported.

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Her cousins Jill Duggar, 24, and Jessa Duggar, 22, sported much more modest bridal gowns when they both wed in 2014, as did Anna, 27, as soon as she married your brother Josh, additionally 27, in 2008.

The previous reality star was no spotted at the wedding. Last month, he checked right into a treatment center after he admitted come cheating to cheating on her and having a pornography addiction.

Josh and also his family members have stayed out of the general public eye because that months, following revelations earlier this year of his past molestation of 5 underage girls, for which he has actually apologized and i m sorry spurred TLC come cancel 19 Kids and Counting.

Anna attend the wedding through their four children—Mackynzie, 5, Michael, 4, Marcus, 2 and also Meredith, who was born in July, follow to Entertainment Tonight. She was spotted arriving while carrying one of their sons. During the ceremony, she appeared somber, ET reported.

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Mackynzie and Josh's sisters Johannah, 9, Jennifer, 8, Jordyn, 6, and Josie, 5, offered as flower girls, People said. They sported cute white ruffled dresses. Amy's bridesmaids wore climbed gold gowns. Michelle sported a quick sleeve white transition dress and matching ballet flats.