Addison Rae confirmed some serious skin in the latest enhancement to she Instagram page. The tiktok star showed her fans exactly how she spent her Sunday with a pair of pictures. She spent most of the day at house as she made decision a scanty outfit.

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In the first picture, Addison was inside her home. She satellite on a white cushioned chair, encountering a huge mirror. The influencer elevated her right hand and grabbed her locks if holding she iPhone horizontally in her other hand. She gaze was averted to its display screen to ensure the she captured as lot of she bodacious physique as possible for she adoring viewers.

Kourtney Kardashian Wows Instagram v Stunning Bikini Selfie

Addison looked prefer a total smokeshow in a white cropped shirt the flashed a glimpse the her taut tummy and abs. The piece had actually a crew neckline that hid she décolletage fully — a slightly more modest selection for the social media star, but sexy nonetheless. The shirt was not also tight, and also it verified a glimpse the her black bikini peak underneath.

On her lower half, Addison rocked a yellow thong, and also it was the item of garments that caught most of her followers’ attention, thanks to the skimpy design. Its cheeky reduced put the model’s perky loot on full show while additionally offering a watch at her toned thighs.

In the second photo, the media personality was checked out in the exact same spot, taking another selfie. The complying with slide proved a pic of her food, which consists of pizza and lots of pasta. Board games were also included in the snapshot. In the fourth pic, Addison could be viewed enjoying some pool time, leaning ~ above the swimming pool deck as she ate a part of pizza.

The 20-year-old rocked number of tiny earrings and nothing else, allowing her stunning figure and also striking beauty to remain the focus of her 38.6 million followers.

Sunday Funday

The fifth and also sixth photos featured Addison out of the water, playing through her puppies. A swipe come the right showed the model holding 3 pairs that slippers, which more than likely belonged to her, together she challenged her furry friends. Meanwhile, Addison added a selfie in the critical snap through a keep in mind that says, “thanks because that swiping” and included a trace of emojis.

In much less than a job of gift live on the photo-sharing site, the short article has earned over 2.9 million likes. More than 8,900 digital admirers flocked to the comment section, showering her with compliments and gushing messages.

“Living the American dream,” among her fans wrote.

“Gorgeous,” The Girls next Door star, Holly Madison, commented.

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Some Fans were Offended By she Actions

A couple of days ago, Twitter users bashed the influencer ~ above Twitter when she presented herself to ex-President Donald Trump throughout the recent UFC occasion in las Vegas — where she to be hired together a correspondent yet got fired for her “insensitive” tweet.

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Accoring come a report by New York Post, the contents creator was filmed pull close Trump and saying, “Hi! I’m Addison. Nice to accomplish you.”

Some fans and other users were not pleased with her move and what she objective to be at the moment.

Addison Rae walking to present herself come Donald trump card LMFAOOOOOOO

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