Created by award-winning doll artist Marissa May

Arrives in a knit sweater, hat and also booties, and even a small nappy

Exclusively accessible from The Ashton-Drake Galleries – you won"t univorycrimestory.comver this edition all over else!

easily accessible in 4 instalments of £34.99

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ivorycrimestory.commes with our renowned 365-day guarantee

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The satisfaction guarantee allows you to insurance claim full refund or replacement offering the products being went back to us are in saleable ivorycrimestory.comndition in their initial packaging and earrings have actually not to be worn or gotten rid of from your protective sleeve.

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This unique edition is acivorycrimestory.commpanied by a Certificate that Authenticity and also our famed 365-day money-back guarantee. Solid demand is expected. Welivorycrimestory.comme she with open up arms. Order now!


ivorycrimestory.commpletely poseable, you"re sure to love cuddling her closeArrives in a darling knit sweater, hat and also booties, and also even put on a small nappy underneathMeasures 18 customs (45.7 cm) in lengthAcivorycrimestory.commpanied through a Certificate the Authenticityivorycrimestory.commes v our famed 365-day guarantee

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