Alternative : Anata Ni Ageru Akai Bara ; あなたに捧げる赤い薔薇

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A Red Rose devoted To you summary:

Even if it's denied, even if it's misunderstood, that's okay because that is my love for the person.The hated Ophelia, the young battle each other Rosenstein's wife, is rumored to it is in a domineering woman and also a substantial spender. However all the is a ruse to fake her dedication to her husband. After your marriage, Ophelia soon realizes the Orpheus has a lover. In order to cleanly divorce him, she proceeds to act out her ruse.Ophelia wants to conveniently separate from her marital relationship while on the other hand, Orpheus refuses come let her go...?
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Chapter nameViewTime uploaded
Chapter 1110,530Jul-24-20
Chapter 1018,077May-15-20
Chapter 926,835Apr-15-20
Chapter 847,814Feb-09-20
Chapter 751,154Jan-05-20
Chapter 648,520Dec-27-19
Chapter 556,607Nov-05-19
Chapter 450,872Oct-28-19
Chapter 362,659Sep-05-19
Chapter 264,442Jul-22-19
Chapter 159,718Jul-22-19

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