This week, we learn that there room three species of relationships: one ruled by in-laws, one determined by power dynamics, and one rooted in lust. As we watch Asuelu’s mommy demand more money, Chuck try to smooth points over with Andrei, and the demonic Debbie witness she breakup setup backfire, it’s clear the these couples room trying their finest to number out which type of marriage they want to have. Or in the situation of Michael and also Angela, maybe not have one in ~ all.

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Push my Buttons

Post-dinner fight, a weathered Elizabeth urges Andrei to apologize to she father and also brother. “I’ve never seen girlfriend act that way, I’ve never seen that look in her eyes before. You to be so enraged,” she scolds.


Andrei admits the “did as well much” at the dinner party, however Elizabeth’s family was provoking him. “I’m going to apologize, maybe,” the tries come appease her. “But v Charlie, if that pushes mine buttons, I’m walk to press him back.”

Andrei mentions that the regrets gift rude come Elizabeth’s father Chuck, yet her brother Charlie was the end of line. Andrei agrees to a sit-down with Charlie, yet only if Elizabeth mediates.

Three varieties of Marriage

Michael brings Angela come a couples counseling session with the Nigerian marital relationship registry. “This is a waste of damn time. Ain’t nobody who deserve to counsel us. Us can’t also counsel ourselves,” she mutters in the vehicle there. She additionally gives a preview of their marital sex life, consisting of a “penis warmer” and handcuffs.

While at the registry, the pair are interviewed around their love story. Michael defines he saw Angela top top Facebook and also sent her a friend request. She also opens up around her an initial marriage; she wed she husband at age 17 and then was divorced by 20.


The marital relationship registrar states that there room three varieties of marriage in Nigeria: a traditional marriage with potentially more than one wife, an Islamic union the is also polygamist, and a legal marital relationship with one man and also one woman. Angela asks if Michael is permitted to have “side chicks,” and after part laughter, the mrs registrar tells her that she demands to satisfy Michael sexually and always have dinner ready. “If you’re not prepared for the male to be on top, climate this marital relationship will no work,” the registrar states.

“I’m going to be ethical here. The ingredient she talked to me and also Michael around is bulls**t,” Angela speak the camera after ~ the meeting. “I’ve called Michael over and also over before we obtained to this step, that if Michael really desires a wife that’s totally submissive, he requirements to rethink it due to the fact that that’s not me.”

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“You Stole mine Heart”

Larissa confronts Eric once more. “I don’t know if this will certainly be the finish of Larissa and also Eric yet I desire to speak to him,” she tells the camera, in a rare moment of self-awareness. “But at the same time, I know he is immature and I’m immature too.”

Eric tries again come apologize because that speaking poorly that Larissa, and also yet that still reprimands she for “looking because that trouble” by reaching out to his exes. He also asks Larissa come not relocate out. Lock agree to remain together and try to rebuild your relationship.

“You’re the person I most love in the unified States,” Larissa coos to Eric in a bout the conditional love. She also said the police must come since he stole her heart.

Drink and also Be Merry

Syngin walk out v his friends in south Africa. Even though Tania had asked him to drink in moderation, that smiles the he’ll most most likely be “smashing drinks till the sun comes up.”

The friend group cheers for Syngin gift a married man but shares their reservations about Tania. Supposedly after Syngin met Tania, she moved right into his apartment and stayed for two months. Syngin’s friends, who were his roommates at the time, tho harbor some resentment for Tania’s unexpected arrival and also subsequent complaining.


“I didn’t favor her. I thought to myself, ‘who the f**k is this girl, moving right into my place, dictating exactly how I’m supposed to action in mine country?’ it doesn’t sit easy, guys,” Syngin’s friend tells the camera. Basically there needs to be a spin-off through Tania, Syngin, and his pals every living together.

Syngin describes that Tania’s “good sex” do him feeling in love and also their partnership escalated from a “lust bubble” into marriage. The still isn’t certain that he should commit to her.

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Cats Aren’t the Only pets That Stray

“Last night, Jess and I had a substantial fight everywhere Vanessa babysitting the cats. She called me she to be going to walk f**k she ex and also then she left,” Colt recalls. “And at about 2 or 3 a.m., ns heard a pounding at the door. It was Jess and also some male was v her. Ns heard yelling and also they’re talk in Portuguese…I realized it to be hotel security. ~ Jess gained into the room, she was screaming and also yelling about Vanessa and everything and she wouldn’t stop. I simply needed to obtain away indigenous her….I decided finest just to obtain my own hotel room.”

The following morning, Colt tries come talk with Jess before he and also Debbie fly earlier to the U.S. Jess asks the why he’s a pathological liar, and also Colt presses because that why she threw high heels at him. Jess assures him she didn’t sleep v anyone else the ahead night and also she respects Colt. “I try and you’re crazy, Colt,” Jess calmly speak him.


“I didn’t tell you about Vanessa since she’s just a friend. I met her before you. If I want to have actually a partnership with Vanessa, i would have actually done it prior to I met you,” Colt pleads come Jess, purposefully leaving the end that that did in truth sleep with Vanessa prior to meeting Jess. “I love you. I asked her father permission to marry you.”

Jess asks why Colt didn’t tell she outright that Vanessa was remaining with the cats. Colt counters whether Jess wants to break up end his “good friend” Vanessa. Jess teases the she’s prettier than Vanessa therefore she’s not worried around Colt straying. An ext seriously, she begs him come act choose an adult, particularly with Debbie and also the lying.

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Between two Families

Asuelu do the efforts to describe his financial instance again to his mother and also sister. “My family members want me come send them every little thing they want, but now I have actually my kids and also I can’t perform this,” he tells the camera. “I try to be an American man.”

He bring the presents he bought through Kalani come his family. They accept them enthusiastically. Asuelu’s sisters teases him the Kalani is in fee of him. A trapped Asuelu grows an ext and an ext frustrated. His sister accuses the of not being “even” v Kalani and also only married to her since she obtained pregnant.


“My sister no Kalani and also I can’t settle it. I simply leave the house and also go back to watch my wife. I love my family, ns love mine wife, and I think that ns can’t assist both,” Asuelu solemnly claims in a confessional.

Run, Paul, Run

Karine locked herself in the bathroom before Paul’s mother arrives at their house. Paul tells a producer that every as soon as in a when Karine barricades herself because that “five to six hours” and also has mood swings. Paul’s mother Mary attempts to speak to Karine, yet she shoos her away.

“Does she want to go earlier home?” mary asks Paul. “I understand how she feels. There is so much going on ideal now and also it’s just so different.”


Paul runs after Karine in the trailer park before finding she alone in ~ a picnic bench. “It’s too hot for this s**t today,” he speak her before he leaves. That vents to his mom that he takes care of everything with the baby and the house and Karine just wants come relax.

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Hidden Past

Elizabeth visits her dad and brother at their rented house. She does try to organize her household accountable because that their duty in Andrei’s blowup the night before. “Is Andrei like that usually when you try to questioning him about his past?” her brother Charlie counters. “He was trying to control his friends, prefer he didn’t desire them come talk.”

Chuck and Charlie space adamant that Andrei is hiding the true factor why he moved to Ireland year ago. Elizabeth agrees the Andrei was the end of line and also there might be something else going on. “If that’s the actual him, there’s going to be a huge problem going forward,” chuck tells her, before threatening to no pay for your Moldovan wedding.

The Breakup Plan

Jess accompanies Colt and Debbie come the airport. Debbie is past surprised to view Jess in the lobby with the luggage. “I to be a tiny upset that she was back…She has a most explaining come do,” a peeved Debbie states to the camera. Her sabotage setup had crumbled at the seams, and also apparently there is no break up Colt and Jess because that now.


In the car, Debbie do the efforts again to start some drama. She tells Jess she “hurt Colt,” but Jess stands her ground, explaining the Colt lying to her first. The real question is: does Debbie know that Colt slept with Vanessa? That could be the component two of she breakup plan.

Once in ~ the airport, Colt asks Debbie for part privacy while he says goodbye to Jess. “Don’t propose, don’t propose, don’t propose,” Debbie mutters to it s her while rolling her eyes. Colt kisses Jess and also tells her he loves her. They likewise plan because that Jess come visit ras Vegas soon.

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Who’s ~ above First?: The Submissive Story

Angela and also Michael satisfy with his Aunt Lydia. She asks exactly how their pre-marital counseling appointment went, and Angela immediately starts weighing in on how American ladies are various than Nigerian women. “Thank God we’re life in America,” Angela says. Michael defends his culture to Angela, and Angela asks why he’s currently putting ~ above a different perspective in front of his aunt.

“As a Nigerian culture, the wife needs to be an extremely submissive to the husband. The ideal thing because that Michael is if Angela can adjust her attitude. Then i think they’ll it is in a an excellent couple,” Lydia tells the camera.


“I acquire really irritable if he’s lying come me about being submissive or if he’s lying come his household that I will be. So which is it?” Angela seethes. She excuses herself from the table and also scolds Michael for elevating his voice to her.

Case Closed

Larissa meets v her warm lawyer Adam to examine in about her pending case. Her charge was amended under to disorderly conduct, and also Colt’s case against her is official closed. “Colt shooting me 3 times however I dodged a bullet!” Larissa smiles to the camera. “I can lastly start life my life again.”

Larissa asks Adam around her immigrant status. He advises her to not “develop a pattern” v Eric the mirrors her relationship with Colt, but Larissa is positive that Eric is becoming an ext mature.

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You Can’t offer What friend Don’t Have

Kalani and Asuelu bring their kids to a petting zoo to fulfill up through Asuelu’s mother. Asuelu didn’t phone call Kalani around what his sister Tammy stated the various other night.

Asuelu speaks v his mommy at the goat farm. She as soon as again chastises him for not sending out her money. “If you had actually a large heart and are a genuine Samoan man, friend have sufficient to share for everything,” his mommy says. That tries to explain that life in America is different than in Samoa; he even points come a homeless camp nearby, saying if he doesn’t pay his receipt in the U.S., his family can end up on the streets.


“If my household wants money native me, I will certainly send it. But what about my kids? They will certainly die,” Asuelu hyperbolically sobs. “I love my family. I desire to help.”

“I don’t desire to make you cry….but your sister told you the method to love her mommy and your daddy in Samoa,” his cold mommy responds. A shocked Kalani tries to clarify what his mommy is saying.

“To watch your child crying and also honestly saying ‘I should take treatment of my kids,’ and then brushing that off like ‘yeah, yeah, ns don’t provide a s**t, i still require your money’…this b**ch is crazy!” Kalani speak the camera. She firmly tells Asuelu’s mother that castle can’t give what lock don’t have.

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Agree come Disagree

Andrei meets through Chuck and Charlie to comment on the situation. Andrei blames the alcohol for his behavior, but Chuck isn’t having actually it. “The question really is, carry out you feel prefer you should apologize to everybody?” that insists. There is some squabble end whose idea it was to apples in the first place, however Andrei independently admits he’s just trying come mend every little thing for Elizabeth.


Andrei likewise says come Charlie that they to be both at fault. Charlie stubbornly refuses to recognize he had a hand in the argument. After ~ a tense conversation, they all shake hands and also agree to relocate forward.

How plenty of Times have the right to a Wedding be Cancelled?

Michael’s aunt do the efforts to recognize why that is placing up through Angela’s stern refusal to conform come the Nigerian culture. “Is it because you want to marry a white woman that you now carry down your honor?” Aunt Lydia asks Michael. “She’s bossy, can’t you see that?”

Angela returns to the table and tries to acquire to the bottom that why Michael is trying come “live 2 lives.”


“I am no lying. Our connection is walking to it is in fifty-fifty,” Michael assures Angela. Aunt Lydia additionally tells Angela she is now unsure of your marriage. Angela leaves again in anger and also says the wedding is off.

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Next week, Elizabeth’s mother and also sisters come in Moldova, Colt officially invites Jess to Vegas, and Tania fights v Syngin in former of his parents. Plus, Larissa asks because that money from Eric, and Asuelu’s sister tries come hit Kalani. The Angela and Michael drama continues, so we’ll have to keep ping ponging with hazards of their wedding being cancelled.