FP-X series

Matching on-the-move designs with supreme playability and also heavyweight features, the FP-X collection represents a new generation that portable pianos.

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All-in-one song production with authentic ivorycrimestory.com sounds and songwriting devices to assist modern music equipments at any type of level.

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Introducing the ivorycrimestory.com Store

A store within a save at Guitar center La Mesa

I’m Gavin – her ivorycrimestory.com Product Specialist in ~ Guitar center La Mesa.

Born in phibìc Carolina, I thrived up in a household of multi-instrumentalists. During the so late 1990s, I relocated west, settling in mountain Diego, CA. While functioning the regional club scene as a drummer, I began my journey into music retail. I spent 11 years, learning a various side of the music business, while forming relationships through industry professionals in music retail. In 2011, i took an chance to start touring full time for various musical acts the took me from California to Brazil and also then Moscow because that a decade. I have real-world ivorycrimestory.com and also BOSS product understanding that will inspire friend to gain creative.

Come under to the store and I’ll be happy to discuss your requirements. Friend can also request a one-on-one demo appropriate here and also I’ll get back to you within 48 hours. Feel cost-free to pick my brains through an aftercare appointment – whereby I’ll have the ability to guide you through your brand-new purchase and help you get the many out of the – or you have the right to ask for product or tech assistance after you’ve obtained your product home.

Email me to ask a inquiry or schedule one appointment: Gavin.Glenn


Gavin Glenn: Guitar center La Mesa 8825 Murray Dr La Mesa, CA 91942 619-668-8400 Visit website email Gavin to ask a inquiry or schedule one appointment: contact Gavin develop ivorycrimestory.com Account


Our extremely trained ivorycrimestory.com save Specialists know all the recent ivorycrimestory.com gear inside-out—and they’re always on-hand to aid you uncover the product that’s best for you. Instead of providing you the hard-sell, they’ll let girlfriend hang out and try the gear, hear to your ambitions, and give you ethical musician-to-musician advice.

YOUR ivorycrimestory.com SPECIALIST

Every ivorycrimestory.com keep Specialist is an active musician and also gear expert, therefore they understand which assets are ideal for your gig, whether you’re planning to write, document or perform. They room your point of contact for presales advice, aftercare, and tech support—and will soon be a acquainted face.

NEED HELP? have actually QUESTIONS?

Get to know your local ivorycrimestory.com save Specialist together they’ll it is in your suggest of contact for presales advice, aftercare, and tech support. Even if it is you’re a pro musician, hobbyist, or just obtaining started, your regional ivorycrimestory.com keep Specialist will soon be a familiar face and an tremendous resource. Feel free to email your specialist above.

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No matter your musical format or preference, us can help you check out your passion for music at etc Center. It’s no just around wanting come play music; it’s around finding the right instrument, equipment and also accessories to truly help bring your dream come life. Yes something for every music lover at etc Center.