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Park & paris lot through extra land

This property has a complete of 30 acres. 15 acres is occurred with a Park and Fly/Rental automobile Business and the adjacant 15 acre to the phibìc is Undeveloped.Seller will offer each piece independently or together. If you want the 15 developed acres , price is $4,750,000.00 and $3,700,000.00 because that undeveloped parcel. For every 30 acres price is $6,000,000.00. There space 5 Parcels total. Floor is zoned Commercial/Industrial. Mortgages total $3.6M. Contact listing Broker for earnings for Business. This investment will qualify for a B-5 immigrant Visa to get in the U.S.A. Has more than 10 employees. Seller must gross over $1M from business in 2009. An excellent for retail or industrial development. Furniture, Food, or other big Box Uses. Government, entertainment, tourist related uses. Seller is retiring, carry your finest offer.

7948 Narcossee roadway is north of the 528 Beach heat Expressway and just eastern of the Orlando Airport. Just North/Borders on McCoy Road

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arsenal Street cross Street traffic Volume Year street
Narcoossee Rd McCoy Rd 23,262 2020 0.19 mi
Bee heat Expy Narcoossee Rd 8,935 2018 0.40 mi
Bee heat Expy Narcoossee Rd 43,104 2020 0.48 mi
Beeline Expy Narcoossee Rd 3,929 2020 0.50 mi
Bee line Expy Narcoossee Rd 3,343 2018 0.55 mi
Bee heat Expy Narcoossee Rd 60,965 2018 0.56 mi
Narcoossee Road Narcoossee Rd 21,594 2020 0.75 mi
Narcoossee Rd Co Frontage Rd 29,322 2020 0.77 mi
Lee Vista Boulevard Lake Pembroke Pl 26,140 2020 0.93 mi
S Goldenrod Rd Beeline Expy 806 2020 0.97 mi