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Emory Johns Creek Physcians Plaza

space Available 4,681 SF Lease hatchet 60 month
Space type Medical Office Lease form Full organization
Date easily accessible Jan 2010

State the the Art building designed come compliment Emory Johns Creek Hospital. Direct link to Emory Johns Creek Hospital at every floor. 3 elevators through one stretcher-sized cab. Amenities: Separate accessibility for Physicians. Eight foot key corridor width. Card crucial access for exterior doors. Huge windows follow me the former of Building.

Connected to Emory Johns Creek Hospital in the north Atlanta urban area.


arsenal Street cross Street web traffic Volume Year street
Bell Rd Boles Rd 11,751 2020 0.31 mi
Boles Rd Glenleigh Dr 10,117 2018 0.31 mi
Boles Rd Glenleigh Dr 9,463 2020 0.31 mi
Bell Rd Old homestead Dr 6,246 2018 0.81 mi
Bell Rd Old house Dr 5,665 2020 0.81 mi
Peachtree industrial Blvd River Mill Dr 19,574 2018 0.84 mi
Peachtree commercial Blvd River Mill Dr 18,718 2015 0.84 mi
Peachtree commercial Blvd Chattahoochee Trce NW 21,181 2015 0.85 mi
Duluth Hwy Abbotts Pointe Dr 11,876 2020 0.85 mi
Abbotts leg Rd Sweet Creek Rd 22,181 2017 0.90 mi

Map the Johns Creek, GA 30097 - specific location not discovered

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