For over forty years, Jewel's record One was a an essential social anchor for the black color LGBTQ community.

Founded in 1973 in Arlington Heights, Jewel"s record One is widely believed to it is in the an initial large-scale discotheque in the United claims to serve and operate within the black LGBTQ community.

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As a beloved social space for over 4 decades, record One is emblematic that the means in i beg your pardon bars and nightclubs nurtured a rare feeling of belonging and also helped pioneer social readjust for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer identified civilization in the twenty century. 

Jewel Thais-Williams owned and also operated the club from its founding until that is closure in July 2015. V her wife, Rue Thais-Williams, she additionally spearheaded the production of Rue"s home in the same structure in 1989, i beg your pardon provided an important services come women and also children living through HIV/AIDS.

Housed in a prominent 1925 Mediterranean Revival building at 4067 W. Pico Boulevard, the club contained three dance floors and also three bars, providing dancing and a bar scene that catered to various tastes in music and also style. The top floor boasted a big dance floor v a stage, and the reduced level was reserved for weekly themed parties. 

Over the years, Jewel"s record One hosted many celebrities and performers, including Madonna, Bette Midler, Keenen Wayans, Sammy Davis, Jr., Warren Beatty, Melba Moore, Phyllis Hyman, Freda Payne, Chaka Khan, The Weather Girls, stack James, and also Esther Phillips. It assisted launch the careers of a number of performers and quickly came to be known together the "Studio 54" of Los Angeles.

The club additionally served as a well-known filming location and appears in films including Black American PrincessI Tina, and Pretty Woman, and also in television shows such as Cold Case.

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In at an early stage 2015, Jewel Thais-Williams announced the the top nightclub would close the doors after forty-two years and also that the building would be noted for sale. Jewel told the Los Angeles Times, “I felt, and others have said, it’s an institution. It to be ours, yet it’s time to move on.”

News of a sale broke in November 2015, and Union Nightclub opened up in catch One’s former home in January 2016.

A feature-length documentary entitled Jewel’s capture One premiered in ~ Outfest in July 2016. The movie charts the history and meaning of the club and its proprietress come the LGBTQ and African American neighborhoods in Los Angeles. Click here to clock the trailer >>