The Everglades Welcome girlfriend Back!!!

As marinas, parks and also green spaces reopen in ours city, the Everglades space a great place come come and also get part fresh wait while practicing for sure social distancing guidelines.

Here's what's happening in ~ the park:

All locations of Everglades nationwide Park are currently OPEN. Park waters remain open up for accessibility from external the park. Visitant Centers in ~ Ernest C. Coe and Shark Valley have actually reopened. Campsites room open. Self-registration permits are easily accessible outside of the Flamingo and Gulf coastline Visitor Centers. Several tours and also concession services have actually resumed with intensified health and safety measures: The following outside concessions room conducting Airboat and also Eco tours now:

For much more info check out Everglades national Park: Alerts and also Conditions

The key Park Entrance is around one hour South-West from Miami, in Florida City close to Homestead. This is likewise where the Park Headquarters space located.

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Your beginning point will be the Ernest C. Coe visitor Center. This Visitor facility is open year-round and also is whereby you acquire maps that the area and helpful advice from the rangers. They can tell you about recent wildlife sightings and recommend programs or things to do based on your interests and also the lot of time you have actually available.

There are an excellent educational exhibits here as well, a short film about the Everglades and also informational pamphlets that tell you around the area and also conservation efforts.

Once equipped with every the information and maps you deserve to cross the main Entrance Gate where you salary the $30 per automobile Park Fee and start exploring.


A few miles on the main road will certainly lead you to the Royal Palm visitor Center. This isn't more than a tiny shop with souvenirs and a couple of books, absolutely not in the range of the Ernest C. Coe visitor Center. However, royal Palm is the gateway to two of the most renowned trails in the park: the Anhinga Trail and the Gumbo Limbo Trail.


The Anhinga Trail is there is no a doubt the much better of the two, full of wildlife and covering a diversity the landscapes in a huge array the boardwalks and also paved stretches that acquire you up close through nature. Here's just a sample that what we encounter on one of our recent visits:









Here's much more on the Anhinga Trail.

The Gumbo Limbo Trail, in contrast, is a much shorter trail, about 0.4 mile on a paved path that cuts through a subtropical hardwood hammock. This follow is shaded and also can be excellent in a half-hour. That is very different from the openness that the Anhinga Trail. Watch out for mosquitoes!


Ernest C. Coe key Entrance in ~ a Glance

Where?: The Ernest C. Coe Visitor facility is located at 40001 State roadway 9336, Homestead, FL 33034. The is around an hour journey from Miami. Directions: take it the Florida Turnpike southern until it end at us 1 in ~ Florida City. Turn ideal at the very first traffic light onto Palm journey (State road 9336/SW 344th St.) and follow the indicators to the park.

See the Florida Everglades Map here.

Park Hours: 9:00 to be to 5:00 afternoon

Park enntrance gate Fee: $30 every Vehicle, $25 motorcycle, $15 pedestrians (16+) or bicycles. The Park fee is an excellent for entrance into the Park at any of that is other locations within 7 days. Annual pass is $55.

Parking: yes

Other Ammenities: Restrooms

You can proceed driving on the key road come Flamingo, the gateway come Florida Bay, simply 30 miles away, it will take you about an hour. Best way to watch the park right here is indigenous the water and it's a completely different environment and landscape.

The Florida Everglades


Everglades nationwide Park

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Everglades Facts
Everglades Map
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Shark sink Entrance
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Most popular Everglades Excursions

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