Amber, started treatment v Dr. Bretbecause she didn't likethat she front teeth overlapped each other. She hadnarrow top and bottom dental arches withsevere crowding of her upper and also lower teeth. She to be treated v braces ~ above the upper and also lower teeth, and we provided the braces come widen the smile. What a change!






Johntavious didn't prefer that among his lower teeth was set behind the rest. He went to countless orthodontists who told him come extract the this or multiple this to correct the alignment. Johntavious and also his parents didn't desire to go that route and also wanted to shot to align the teeth without the extraction. Dr. Bret to be able to efficiently straighten the upper and also lower teeth - right the tooth that was ago into the dentist arch and make Johntavious and also his parents really happy.

Megyn, came to our office about a year prior to we inserted her braces. She was absent a peak right premolar and also she feel her height jaw was as well narrow. Around a year later on her dad dubbed the office since she had a tooth that essential a root canal and also crown and also a poor long-term prognosis. She want the tooth extracted and also asked if we can move the 2nd molarforward (her lower back right tooth). She had actually the first molarextracted and also we relocated the 2nd molar into the third molars position and the third molar will most likely erupt into the second molar position. We saved her native needing an implant or bridge. Watch at exactly how we closed upper space where she only has 1 premolar and on the other side were able to revolve the premolars straight. Wemade hera maxillary addressed (permanent) retainer.

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Emily didn't like how her topteeth to be turned in and the reduced teeth were crowded. She bite was slightly turn off on both sides. Emily just needed upper and also lower braces come correct she dental alignment and also some rubber bands to exactly the bite. She for sure loves her teeth now!

Ian involved the office because his reduced teeth were overfilled andhe had actually an anterior overcome bite. With timeless braces we fixed the crowding and also aligned the this without bring about flaring that the incisors and also giving the a handsome smile. The therapy lasted 18 months and also the last photos space at a 2 year follow up as soon as we made the a new clear retainer.

Tammy, started treatment with Dr. Bretbecause she didn't like below smile. One tooth (the left canine) was higher than the various other teeth. She had crowded upper and also lowerteeth and also themidlines (top middle and lower middle) didn't heat up. Her bite was off, she was lacking a lower 1st molar top top the left side, andshe want to correct everything ideally. We gotten rid of 2 peak teeth (premolars) to permit us to gain the midlines centered and to lug the canine into the correct position. We also brought the second molar forward right into the first molar position and saved her from needing an implant!

Imsetcame to watch Dr. Bret since he felt prefer the upper and lower teeth were as well crowded. The reduced canines were in cross-bite through the upper teeth and there was far-reaching crowding in the reduced arch. The previously had actually 2 this pulled in the top and at the moment none in the bottom. This do the peak jaw smaller than the lower and the reduced teeth didn't have actually room to fit inside the optimal teeth. We had actually 2 lower teeth extracted, and then set the upper and also lower this to to the right excellently together- no more crowding!

Fatima didn't prefer her teeth. She to be severely overfilled in the top and also lower dentist arches. Her top midline to be off come the left. Us extracted 4 teeth and also lined increase her this beautifully,corrected she bite and also centered the upper and lower teeth through the face and each other.

Austin didn't prefer that his upper teeth right behind his reduced teeth. (He had actually an anterior crossbite). Once this wake up there space usually 3 ways to correct it. One way is just to relocate the peak teeth forward, an additional is to take out this to aid correct the crossbite, and also sometimes and thankfully less typical is to have actually jaw surgery to correct a skeletal size discrepancy in between the top and also bottom jaw. Dr. Bret was able to align Austin's teeth and correct his overcome bite without taking out any teeth. Austin was super happy and also loves his brand-new smile.

Angelica came to our office because she didn't prefer the method her upper teeth overlapped her reduced teeth. (We speak to this a deep bite). She had some space in the top jaw and also some crowding in the reduced jaw. Us were able to align she teeth, close she bite and also truly make her want to smile!

St. Vincent began treatment because his reduced jaw to be positioned ago compared the height jaw and also he had actually a large overjet. He was in the mixed dentition (he had baby teeth and adult this present). We made him a Herbst appliance that carried the reduced jaw forwardas the rest of the adult teeth erupted. Us then put on the braces and also aligned the teeth. He was super happy with the result.

Seifebegan treatment because his front this wouldn't touch. In orthodontics, we contact this one anterior open up bite. He also had a cross bite in the back where the top teeth fit inside the lower jaw. We fabricated that an top expander and also we widened the upper jaw to correct this crossbite. That loves that he have the right to now bite right into food v his prior teeth.

Elizabeth didn't choose her teeth. Onefront central incisorstuck out and also there was major crowding the the upper and lower dentist arches. We extracted 4 teeth and also lined up her this beautifully and corrected her bite.

Jessie didn't like her spaces. She had an are in the top and also bottom jaws and also wanted to close it. She bite was also off top top the left side and her midline wasnot centered. In the end, we fixed it all - doesn't she look at great!

Maribelbegan treatment through Dr. Bretbecause she couldn't chew food through her prior teeth. She had an anterior open up bite with serious crowding of she upper and lower teeth. She was treated v the removed of 4 premolar teeth - 2 in the top and two lower premolars and also we were able to gain her front this to heat up beautifully- she can't stop smiling.

Lucero thought her teeth were also crowded. She had actually consultations in ~ multiple orthodontists and also they every told her she necessary to take the end 4 teeth. When I also think with serious crowding in most casesextractions room the finest option, with her profile, I thought that extractions would certainly prematurely age her face. Wedecided no to extract and also ended up v a magnificent smile.

Anthony had actually a course II department 2 bite. His lower jaw to be backwards or retrognathic compared to his peak jaw. We aligned the teeth and also made a Herbst appliance to exactly his bite.

Anthony had actually a class II division 2 bite. His lower jaw was backwards or retrognathic contrasted to his optimal jaw. Us aligned the teeth and made a Herbst appliance to exactly his bite.

Stephanie didn't prefer the an are between the top teeth. Dr Freedman was able to close the space and complete her treatment in less than 20 months and also her teeth stay beautiful in retention. Shehas a solved (permanent) retainer behind her front teeth.

Stephanie didn't like the room between the top teeth. Dr Freedman had the ability to close the room and finish her treatment in less than 20 months and her teeth stay beautiful in retention. Shehas a addressed (permanent) retainer behind she front teeth.

Brianna's reduced left first premolar was totally in a brodie bite (outside the regular arch) and her top and bottom this were really crowded. Dr. Freedman corrected her bite and also crowding there is no removing any teeth.

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