Love this place, nice soccer fields and a nice little walking path wrapped approximately the area the is a mile long. Throughout Covid times this is our walk to location for walks and also bike rides through the kids.

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Well managed and also landscaped turf and grass facility. Have only been for soccer league play. Snack bar, picnic tables, and also bathrooms close come the parking lot. Turf areas by the the next parking lot. Grass fields in the back. Locations to sit ~ above the side of grass fields to see games. Bring lawn chairs or blankets for spectating. Be cautious parking top top the street previous the no parking indicators north that the entrance roundabout. They additionally usually open up up added dirt parking beside the key paved lots for crowded organization days.

I love playing soccer games here through my kids.. An excellent fields... Awesome healthy food truck always at the games dubbed the Refuel center serving up tons of protein for my kids before and after your games.

I participated in the Spaghetti western ultimate frisbee tournament and the areas were great. I enjoyed how clean the park was and also the top quality of the park in general.

We were below for my daughters soccer tournament. An extremely nice facility. Straightforward to find, well kept fields and also clean toilet facilities. Lock did fee $5 for parking which to be a surprise but we discovered on street parking ~ above Litt immediately surrounding to the basic so were able to stop paying.

Came right here for a football tournament with large number that participants. It extended its currently spacey parking lot right into the grass floor which made moving and also parking therefore easy.

Great path approximately the perimeter for exercising. Park is not completely developed, mostly just a football complex. To be living surrounding for eighteen years. End up the park already!

Has that all. Really nice facility. Grass is impeccably maintained, really clean, great layout. The is time to solve up the astroturf though.

Really quality fields! but absolutely NO shade. Lug an umbrella or EZ Up. Sun is hot anytime after 9am.

Large soccer arena through lots of areas to beat on.There should have actually been much more refreshments approximately though. Specifically for a competition Iike the no one Cal State Cup finals.

Best soccer complicated in modesto. 3 turf fields, 2 grass fields, parking lot and also a 1 mile trail about de complex!

This is a Soccer complicated not a timeless public park. The park is really beautiful and also boosts several fabricated turf soccer fields, The employee are an extremely friendly, helpful and also keep the complex looking nice at all times.

Beautiful soccer facility. Areas are a mix of turf and grass fields. The team played on both. Grass to be still wet in ~ 5 pm once they played as it had rained difficult the job before. Several parking.

Very Nice football field, Only enhancements needed space the really back if areas on the pathway come street needs a paved Walking Area because that Parents and also Spectators, us DONT favor MUDD..And secondly the Parking lots..trying to exit is RIDICULOUS!

This location was therefore nice. Numerous parking. New fruit and smoothie merchant right at the front gates. Beautiful manicured grass and artificial turf top top the football fields. Well worth the drive

Did no go come this park. Us drove by, too plenty of homeless human being sleeping, life there. Too many of people sleeping top top benches picnik tables too. Did not look for sure or clean. Needs direction in that area.

Its a pretty park yet sometimes lock dont have actually the areas numbered therefore it have the right to be hard figuring out where youre an alleged to take your son if youre no from the town. Also sometimes they do you pay for parking and also sometimes lock dont, which appears random, however as someone that doesnt lug cash was a little shocked being asked because that money for the very first time on my 5th time there.

The soccer areas are maintained well, the bathrooms are clean, and also just a beautiful ar all together.

Nice location , well maintained great soccer fields. Salary parking at some events. However there is top top street parking together well.

Nice soccer complex with turf and also synthetic fields. Not much shade, yet there space some table to eat at. Clean Restrooms and also portable bathrooms are situated near the fields.

Huge soccor facility through room for at the very least 7 various games!Its a soccer park .. There are restrooms, complimentary parking, and also grass.

Parking sucks and the snack bar is empty. For the price we pay per kid ava with how many youngsters are the end there youd mean more.

This is not a cummunity park...even if they have it as its.....they room constantly kicking out civilization when castle play in big groups..

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Soccer complicated where my grandkids deserve to play and also a snack bar. The trouble with the park this year is because of rent walk up no all period groups can play there. The snack bar was additionally much more limited in selections.

Address:3601 Litt Rd, Modesto, CA 95357, joined StatesSite: 209-236-1800