In accordance v tenant leases, a existing Certificate the Insurance should be kept on file in the management Office. Please consult her lease for details requirements.

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The certificate holder have to be noted as:

PPF off 345 Spear Street, LPc/o Jones Lang LaSalle - Hills Plaza2 Harrison Street, Suite 180San Francisco, CA 94105

The complying with must be detailed as added insureds:

PPF turn off 345 Spear Street LP Morgan Stanley genuine Estate Advisor, Inc. Jones Lang LaSalle Americas, Inc. Hills Plaza master Association

Vendor insurance money Requirements

The service Contractor shall provide the following minimum insurance coverage:

Commercial basic Liability

Combined single Limit - $3,000,000 every occurrence and also annual accumulation per location. such insurance shall it is in broad kind and include, but not be restricted to, contractual liability, live independence contractor"s liability, products and completed operations liability, and an individual injury liability. A combination of primary and excess policies may be utilized. Policies shall be primary and noncontributory.

Worker"s Compensation - Statutory Limits

Employer"s Liability

with minimum liability borders of $1,000,000 bodily injury by accident every accident, $1,000,000 bodily injury by condition policy limit; $1,000,000 bodily injury every employee.

Commercial car Liability

Combined solitary Limit - $1,000,000 every accident. together insurance candlestick cover injury (or death) and property damage developing out the the ownership, maintain or use of any private passenger or advertising vehicles and also of any type of other equipment required come be license is granted for roadway use.

Property Insurance

All-risk, replacement cost property insurance to protect against loss of owned or rented equipment and also tools brought onto and/or used on any type of Property by the service Contractor.

Policies described in part I.A. And also I.D. Over shall encompass the complying with as added insured, including their officers, directors and also employees. A GL-2010 proof shall be made use of for the policy(ies) explained in section I.A. Above. Please keep in mind that the assignment of this parties have to be exactly correct or the Contract Duties will certainly not be enabled to commence.

PPF off 345 Spear Street LP. Morgan Stanley real Estate Advisor, Inc. Jones Lang LaSalle Americas, Inc. Hills Plaza grasp Association

Vendor Insurance needs (Continued)

Service Contractor waives any and also all civil liberties of subrogation versus the parties identified over in paragraph II over as added insureds.

All policies will be composed by companies licensed come do service in the State the California and which have a rating through Best"s crucial Rating guide not much less than AA-

Service Contractor candlestick furnish to the Owner Certificate(s) of insurance evidencing the above coverage. Initial Certificate(s) of Insurance must be noted before organization Contractor commences Contract Duties or Contract Duties will certainly not be allowed to commence.

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Certificate(s) of insurance money relating to policies compelled under this commitment shall save on computer the complying with words verbatim:

“It is agreed that this insurance will certainly not it is in canceled, not renewed or the limits of coverage in any method reduced without at least thirty (30) day"s breakthrough written notification sent by certified mail, return receipt requested to:

Hills Plaza c/o Jones Lang LaSalle Americas, Inc. 2 Harrison Street, Suite 180 mountain Francisco, CA 94105 Attn: basic Manager -- Insurance.”

In addition, the language collection forth in this Paragraph through shall likewise be added to each plan in the kind of one endorsement.

Certificate Holder shall read as:

PPF off 345 Spear Street, LPc/o Jones Lang LaSalle - Hills Plaza2 Harrison Street, Suite 180San Francisco, CA 94105