I must use a step bit with a 1/2" shank. I only have actually drills with 3/8" chucks. Is the arbor size on many drills a standard which would permit me to simply replace among the 3/8" chucks with a 1/2" chuck? Is it really the simple?

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You"re in search of Jacobs component number 31037, it"s a keyless 1/2" lining for standard 3/8" drills designed specifically for the function of converting them. Her 3/8 drill will certainly be fine with a 1/2" chuck, I"ve got a couple of than have actually been converted, 2 waiting powered, 1 corded/electric and 2 cordless. Just treat the drill as you typically would, drilling holes larger than 3/8" v a 3/8" drill has actually never been a problem.

I convert my an initial cordless drill because that the same reason, essential to use an Irwin Unibit v the huge shank.


Ok, I"ve done part research and also it looks prefer a 1/2" chuck can be used on a 3/8" drill if the lining is threaded 3/8"x24M. Ns was maybe to uncover a Jacobs MultiCraft (#30598) that must fit mine mid-90s Makita.


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