Farm fresh Fruits and also Vegetables

You"re in for a tasty treat when you buy directly from the farm!

When in your ar grown, your vegetables and also fruit are fully ripened, and also chock complete of vitamins, minerals, and flavor!

Fresh Pressed to apologize Cider

Be sure you shot our refresh pressed apple cider.

Farm-Fresh Turkey

Also, be sure to order her Weber"s Farm-Fresh Turkey for her Thanksgiving & Christmas celebrations!

Our Farm market is open everyday from 10 a.m. Come 7 p.m.

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Our Barnyard activity area is open day-to-day from 10 a.m. Come 6 p.m.

Admission to the barnyard and also festivals will not be sold at the farm. TICKETS ARE just SOLD ONLINE. Please purchase ahead the time as we frequently sell the end on the weekends. Our ticket are single admission definition there is no a various pricing price for children, adults, seniors, groups, etc.

On November 6 & 7 we will NOT have actually live music, balloon creations, face painting, glitter tattoos, & henna at the farm. You re welcome plan accordingly when purchasing tickets.

The caricature artist will be on website 10-5 November 6 & 7.


Pets are not permitted at Weber"s Cider Mill farm yard or the PeachBerry farm in glenn Arm.Thank you.


Senior citizen Discount work in the sector is Monday.

If you space interested in place a curbside pick-up order you re welcome visit our online store.

***PYO Apples in ~ Weber"s PeachBerry Farm***

Apple Season is here!!!! Don"t Forget to Buy Online before you go! an are is limited.

PYO Apples and also Cut Your very own Flowers at Weber"s PeachBerry Farm

Wednesday Octobe 20, 2021 in ~

9:00 a.m. 10:00 a.m. 11:00 a.m. 12:00 p.m.

We have EverCrisp, Stayman Winesap, Fuji and a couple of Cameos Apples for picking. Remember the Weber"s PeachBerry farm is located at 11409 Harford Road, in glenn Arm. It is about a ten minute journey from ours farm industry located in ~ 2526 Proctor roadway in Parkville Maryland.

We will be supplying cash sales of PYO Pumpkins come our PYO to apologize customers. You must buy PYO apples come get access to the PYO pumpkins. We are offering for cash only and we were no able to gain an ATM an equipment at the farm yard this year, so bring your pumpkin money!

Check our Weber"s PeachBerry farm Facebook page for the most up to date information.

Buy virtual before girlfriend go!

***Weber"s Farm demands YOU!!!***

We are right now interviewing for autumn Seasonal employees. For a project description and application you re welcome visit our employment page. Us are having actually a challenging time hiring world this year. We need much more people to job-related on our autumn Weekends and also during the week. This is a great very first job because that younger people, a component time project for retired people, or for civilization looking to suppliment your income. We are flexible and also will work roughly school and/or other jobs.

Weber"s is a good place to work, we have actually the best customers in the world and we have actually alot of fun and also interesting jobs, such together driving hay rides, make caramel apples, and also more!

As always, we strongly encourage girlfriend to thoroughly wash all her produce prior to consumption or cooking. We will proceed to monitor info coming indigenous the federal, state and local government and also will answer accordingly. The safety and also health of ours customers and employees is of the utmost prestige to the Weber family and also we will certainly be surveillance the Coronavirus situation and updating our plans as the need arises. Us wish you every the best during this an overwhelming time.

Weber"s is now offering curbside pick-up! Order and purchase food items indigenous our virtual store; you will certainly receive an e-mail when your order is ready for pick up; call us as soon as you arrive at ours parking lot and also your order will be lugged to your vehicle. This is a new system the was developed quickly to accommodate the needs of our client in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please note that our online store is not particularly designed because that curbside choose up and also will questioning the customer to administer a shipping address. Please usage the billing address for your credit transaction card together the shipping address. IT IS vital THAT WE obtain YOUR phone call NUMBER and also EMAIL v YOUR ORDER. We will not it is in shipping your purchases yet rather contacting friend via email or phone once your bespeak is all set for pick up.

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Our goal was to have online ordering because that food items and curbside pick-up obtainable for our customers as conveniently as possible.We did not have actually time to affix our inventory device to the online store. Consequently, we may run the end of items. If this occurs, us will call the customer and also either do a substitution or refund the purchase. We evaluate your patience together we work-related through our brand-new online to buy system.

Country Bakery, Fudge and Ice Cream

What a great combination of treats—fresh baked pies, Jewish to apologize Cake based upon Mrs. Weber"s cooking recipes handed down v generations, Pumpkin Crème Roll, apple Cider Doughnuts, and delicious hand dipped ice cream! We have actually homemade fudge too!

Something sweet is always baking at the country Bakery and it"s so tough to avoid once the aroma filling the market.

Visit the counter for part heavenly, fresh-baked pies, breads, rolls, and other exorbitant sweets!

The Gift Shop

Our beautiful old barn has definitely come earlier to life with a small renovation, and a whole lot of unique gifts, accessories, and also home decor items!

We market a vast array the gift items, baskets, children"s toys, soy candles, residence décor items, fall and also holiday items and much more.

You"ll surely uncover the perfect gifts in the Gift Shop, along with a couple of items girlfriend won"t be able to resist having actually for your an extremely own.

Barnyard Fun

Autumn is a wonder time top top the farm, when whatever from apples come pumpkins are ready for harvest. Your family will love a day on the farm. Barnyard fun is accessible with the acquisition of a basic admission ticket and includes:

Maze and also mini maze for the younger ones large Hillside on slide Duck races Farm pets Tire mountain Pumpkin soil walking course Mini-tractor ride Barnyard play frameworks

Click below for much more details on prices & hours.

Thanksgiving and Christmas

When persons in this part of Maryland think the Christmas, countless are thinking around Weber"s Cider Mill Farm where they know they have the right to order Farm-Fresh Turkeys and delicious new baked pies because that their distinct dinners—Weber"s additionally offers new Apple Cider and Wassail. Weber"s is a good place to uncover the perfect made-to-order vacation gift and also bakery baskets.