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2121 Laurelwood Road


arsenal Street overcome Street web traffic Volume Year street
Bayshore Freeway - 213,781 2020 0.10 mi
Duane Ave Alfred St 1,370 2018 0.18 mi
Montague Expy Laurelwood Rd 103,679 2018 0.20 mi
Montague Expy Laurelwood Rd 80,590 2014 0.20 mi
San Tomas Expy Scott Blvd 64,436 2018 0.30 mi
San Tomas Expy Scott Blvd 69,060 2014 0.30 mi
Scott Blvd Jay St 13,338 2015 0.32 mi
Scott Blvd Jay St 18,655 2018 0.32 mi
Bayshore Fwy San Tomas Aquino Creek Trauil 201,778 2020 0.40 mi
Bayshore Fwy San Tomas Aquino Creek Trauil 210,178 2018 0.40 mi


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