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“I feel so invited at this Hampton Inn and also received good service from william at the front desk and also Guadalupe in Housekeeping. Five stars all the way! having actually a edge Bakery Café beside the hotel to be a huge plus.”
Taking safety measures

“Very convenient to Emory in ~ St. Joseph’s hospital. Hotel newly remodeled. An extremely clean and comfortable. Breakfast an ext than adequate. Lobby area really nice and also inviting. Employees an extremely friendly and helpful. ”
“My wife and I freshly stayed at the Sonesta ES Suites (for the very first time) throughout a weekend get-away. Our room was roomy, clean, and located close to the key lobby - which have the right to be beneficial depending ~ above the hotel…”
“My family and also I delighted in our remain here. The breakfast selections were good especially since some hotels we have stayed at perform not have breakfast because of COVID. The swimming pool area was very relaxing and also a good touch to…”
“Spacious room for household with kids. Complete size refrigerator and dishwasher and also microwave v two tiny burns ~ above stove. Dishes, silverware and also glasses provided. Great hot breakfast and good selection of snacks...”
“Easy come find and easy access to significant roads there is no being beside a freeway. An extremely comfortable room. Warm breakfast provided and an excellent coffee. Friendly staff and would absolutely stay again if in the area. ”
“Solid 3 star hotel with on-site restaurant, cost-free parking, housekeeping services by request one night in advance, balconies, and also refrigerator. Bed was comfortable and room to be clean. Rooms were basic and not...”
“Special thanks to Theiry & Dedo who are fantastic making me feel choose Family. Let's begin with Front desk Staff they offered me The finest Service: Annette, Kennedy, & Shaniqua when I visited the front desk & saw…”
“Driving north from Florida, we required a hotel because that the night. When we overcome the Florida/Georgia line, I started looking at Marriott’s for ease of access from Atlanta/Kennesaw south. We room loyal come the Marriott...”
“Front desk associate need far better training on exactly how to deescalate issues. Informing someone “calm down, life is also short” is not professional and appropriate as soon as a guest is wait over one hour to check in ”
“This is a an extremely nice modern hotel in fantastic location. Rooms room very small but workable. The real difficulty is with parking. There room three parking garages close to the hotel and the one associated to the hotel…”
“Good location to stay, good location, good service, familiar staff, it to be clean, spacious room, provided essentials that were needed. You to be able to change the temperature to your liking. Extra couch bed. Etc.”
“I was continuing to be here since I had actually a flood at mine house and had no ac. The workdesk clerk Auve was very friendly and acted like she appreciated my business. She checked me in and also out. They serve a breakfast in the…”
“I appreciated staying in ~ the expanded stay they had on website washers and dryers and also everyone was an extremely supportive.Also, they keep it clean however they could put a bench top top the external to relax and also get freshair”
“Good location, great pool. Looks like rooms were remodeled recently. The just criticism I have actually is when they remodeled this rooms there is no restroom vent to save the heavy steam down. So if someone is taking a…”
“Great location and also value for money. Employee is friendly and property has full good kitchen. Lock have complimentary shuttle which operation within 2 miles. Breakfast is no bad and also staff is friendly and also helpful. Really good…”
“This is a great hidden gem. As soon as I was in Atlanta, i stayed frequently at 12 in Atlantic Station, but due to the fact that is closeup of the door = I found my new home while on the road. Unfortunately one of their team members was sick when I...”
“The external of the hotel look at nice and maintained.... When I first checked in ns was provided a room in the basement ( first floor) the was directly throughout from the laundry room and broiler room ( creepy) i went I…”
“The employee is friendly and polite, and also I constantly can counting on warm coffee and clean linens. The rooms room a tiny older yet everything is in functioning order. Ns really evaluate the maintenance prompt response…”
“This hotel was clean and also convenient to whereby we were going. I would recommend come anyone. My just complaint is the I'm a gold member and I to be not offered my water and snacks at examine in. I did yet mention this…”
“The Rooms were beautiful! The hotel pays attention to details in every the decor. The hotel employee was nice and also accommodating! southern City Restaurant was delicious. We had actually an amazing brunch there! I very recommend...”
“Very close to the company I needed to visit. Therefore close come restaurants and also shopping as well. Clean and comfortable. Shuttle an extremely helpful and also accommodating. Staff valuable in arguing dining options as well.”
“Extremely slow-moving dining company during non optimal hours. Hotel and an extremely nice in its entirety with one accommodating gym and also amenities. Pretty rooms, an extremely clean yet the dining endure at breakfast is the focal factor of…”
“Hard beds and also shower to be cold and shower top not good . For what i paid the room must had an ext luxurious things . I have stayed in an additional Hilton and also it was method nice and also cheaper there climate this one I may never...”
“Needed to obtain away so i booked this property straight on the Hilton website. What attracted me to the hotel to be it seemed to be a newer property, rooms showed up spacious and also the bath and work area to be certainly...”
“I make the efforts to examine in at 9pm and found the end that my booked room v two bed is no available, for this reason I finished up with a king bed and a sofa bed for three of us.Except that , everything else room pretty good, breakfast...”
“The hotel was clean and also the staff was friendly particularly Fred in ~ the former desk and also Emma the breakfast attendant. Parking is up a hill native the hotel and you deserve to park in the garage cost-free of fee or in the…”
“From the time we drove as much as the front door, we have actually been greeted and also welcomed by everyone! Kerry Ann at the front workdesk was for this reason friendly and also accomadating and also Shariff aided me with relocating my bags to another room…”
“Check-in was quick and impersonal. They provided us two bottles of water in ~ check-in. The room to be nice, however the bedding had actually three holes and we uncovered a whole potato chip (not ours) on the floor by the bed. The...”
“My husband and also I stay right here overnight therefore we can celebrate our anniversary in the area. Location in great, girlfriend are located within 1 mile of whatever you could want. There is a gas station right across the…”

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