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Building layout Type: High RiseBuilding construction Quality: over AverageExterior Wall: BrickRoof shape Type: Flat
Building Sq. Ft: 1,763# the Units: 1# that Stories: 1Legal Description: CAPITOL suggest CONDOMINIUM, UNIT 402 & A % attention IN THE typical AREA as DECLARE D and RECORDED IN DANE COUNTY it is registered OF DEEDS AS paper NO 3469446.

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Some houses get multiple offers.The average houses sell for around list price and go pending in approximately 39 days.
Some dwellings get lot of offers.The average houses sell for around list price and also go pending in approximately 41 days.
Some homes get many offers.The average residences sell for about 6% over list price and go pending in approximately 48 days.
This area is a walker's heaven — daily errands carry out not need a car. Transit is good, with many surrounding public transport options. It's convenient to usage a bike for many trips.
Nearby homes comparable to this home have actually recently sold in between $539K come $1,150K in ~ an mean of $380 every square foot.
125 N Hamilton St #402 is a 1,763 square foot condo v 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. This residence is currently off sector - it last offered on October 01, 2004 because that $370,000
Based top top's sector data, we calculate that industry competition in 53703, this home's neighborhood, is somewhat competitive. Homes sell for around list price and go pending in about 43 days.
Comparable adjacent homes encompass 125 Hamilton St #906, 125 Hamilton St #601, and also 123 Washington Ave #604.
The full address for this home is 125 north Hamilton Street Apartment 402, Madison, Wisconsin 53703.


United States


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