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You've met a charming fellow and you're out for a spinThe engine fails and he just wears a helpless grinDon't bat your eyes and also say, "What a romantic point out we're in."(Just gain out, crawl under the car, tell that it's the gasket, and fix the in two secs flat.

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Through a bobby pin.)That's a an excellent way to lose a manHe bring away you to the baseball game, friend sit knee come kneeHe says, "The next guy up at bat will certainly bunt, you'll see."Don't say, "Ooh, what's a bunt? This game's too tough for tiny me."(Just say, "Bunt? space you nuts? through one out and also two men on base and also a left-handed batter comes up, he'll to walk right right into a triple play, as with happened in fifth game the the World series in 1923.")That's a sure means to shed a manA sure sure sure sure way to shed a manA splendid method to lose a manJust litter your expertise in his faceHe'll never shot for second base98 ways to goThe third way to lose a manThe lifeguard in ~ the beach that all the girlies adoreSwims bravely the end to conserve you with the ocean's roarDon't say, "Oh thanks, i would have drowned in just second more."(Just press his head underwater and also yell, "Last one in is a rotten egg," and also race him.)That's a swell way to shed a manYou've uncovered your perfect mate and it's been love indigenous the startHe whispers, "You're the one to who I offer my heart."Don't say, "I love friend too, mine dear, let's never ever before part(Just say, "I'm afraid you've made a grammar error. It's no 'to that I offer my heart,' it's 'to whom I provide my heart.' you see, through the usage of the preposition 'to', 'who' i do not care the indirect object, do the use of the word 'whom' imperative, which I can easily present you by drawing a basic chart.")That's a fine way to shed a man
A fine fine fine fine means to lose a manA dandy way to shed a manJust be more well-informed 보다 heYou'll never ever hear "Oh Promise Me"Just show him where his grammar errsThen note your towels "hers" and also "hers"Yes, girls, girlfriend too deserve to lose her manIf girlfriend will use Ruth Sherwood's planOne hundreds easy means to lose a man