Ivory. Cryme Story. | Official Movie Website - Tom Milliken, expert of «Ivory. A Crime Story», received Sir Peter Scott Award for Conservation Merit


Tom Milliken, expert of «Ivory. A Crime Story», received Sir Peter Scott Award for Conservation Merit

Tom Milliken, TRAFFIC’s Elephant and Rhino Programme Leader and the organization’s longest serving staff member
is among the recipients of 2015 year prestigious Sir Peter Scott Award for Conservation Merit.

The Award was made in recognition of Milliken’s unrelenting work in TRAFFIC and the Species Survival Commission over three decades to understand and find solutions to the problems of illegal trade in ivory and rhino horn, including his exceptional leadership of the Elephant Trade Information Service.

Milliken established TRAFFIC’s first office in Asia in Tokyo, Japan in February 1982, at a time when that country was regarded as world’s largest wildlife trade market. Later he opened TRAFFIC’s first regional programme office for East and Southern Africa in October 1991 and has resided in Africa ever since, working for TRAFFIC.

Accepting the Award, Milliken said: “I feel very honoured and think this probably represents the first time that wildlife trade monitors have been accorded such an award—on so many fronts it seems our work has never been more high profile and appreciated. Let’s hope that this all translates into progress for the species we fight for in many concrete ways.”

“I am also well aware that every individual award represents a team effort and I never would have received this Award if it wasn’t for the terrific backstopping, encouragement and support from the TRAFFIC plus team around me throughout everything I’ve ever tried to do to support wildlife conservation.”

The Sir Peter Scott Award for Conservation Merit is the most senior SSC Award, and dates back to 1984. It is presented to individuals in recognition of significant and long term service to conservation through their work with the SSC
or associated institutions.