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Pope Francis: Illegal trafficking of ivory fuels «terrorism»

On the 26th of November Pope Francis made his first visit to Kenya on a 5-day African tour.

Not long before his visit, the Yastrebfilm company through the Russian representative to the Holy See based in Rome showed the pontiff the workprint of the brand new film of Sergey Yastrzhembskiy «IVORY. A CRIME STORY».
Later in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, the pontiff delivered a speech, partly based on what he saw in the film, and urged global action against illegal trafficking of ivory, blood diamonds, and other natural resources, saying it «caused political instability, organised crime and terrorism». The pope's remarks on wildlife trafficking were likely to hit home in Kenya, where hundreds of elephants are lost to poaching every year, and with conservationists warning the African elephant could be extinct in the wild within a generation.

Pope Francis is a fierce environmentalist and is unlikely to temper his words when discussing global warming and the exploitation of the Earth for profit. However, the Vatican has not yet signed the CITES treaty and so is not subject to the ivory ban.